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Rev. Nixon Jean-François, Administrator

Rev. Petit-Monsieur Lamartine, Parochial Vicar

Deacon Emmanuel Coty Jr.

Deacon N. Rolando Escobar

Linda Freebes, Food Pantry

Peggy Savasta, MS, Religion Program

Linda Freebes, School Principal


One parent should come to rectory the month before the baptism with the birth certificate and the names of the godparents, who must be Catholics in good standing, who are confirmed and are at least 16 years old. We baptize regularly except during lent.

We normally baptize in Haitian Creole/ French, Spanish and English on a monthly basis. There are classes for the parents and godparents before the baptism.


Couples planning to marry should speak to a priest at least 6 months
before the desired date.